Fiction and Non-Fiction Golf Books by Mike Guillen

As of 2019, I have written and published three golf-related books: a novel, a guide to playing golf professionally, and a guide to playing golf for money. Each one has a specific audience and is designed to inform, entertain, and help people who love golf fall in love with the game a little more. You will find a brief synopsis of each book below, along with a link to purchase the book via Amazon.

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Stitched Cover.jpg

Stitched: A novel

Set in Casa Grande, Arizona, the fictional Pecan Valley Golf Club is where Thomas Grier, an orphaned teenager, makes his home. Literally. When the new General Manager and his family move to Casa Grande and learn of Thomas, they try everything they can to make him feel like a part of their family.

Would you like to read a sample of Stitched: A Novel? Download the PDF Sample.

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The Ultimate Guide to Playing “Money” GOlf

Playing golf for money can be incredibly exhilarating, but it’s important to do it properly. By integrating my knowledge of game theory and the tactics I learned as a poker player, this book helps players become clutch money players no matter what their skill level is.


Professional Golf for the Rest of us

For every player you see on the PGA or LPGA Tour, there are dozens of other good players who are just as driven and as talented. In this book, I share the insights I learned during my aspiring professional career, how to plan properly for success, and the nuances of tournament golf every golfer can learn from.