The Biggest Reason Why Most Golfers Don't Get Better

Staying Committed to the Process Is Key

I haven’t taught a lesson in almost 5 years, and I haven’t taught a group clinic in over 10, and eventually I will create a rant/blog post as to why, but I have been around the game long enough to see what holds most golfers back from getting better.

There are a lot of golf instructors and golf marketers that will sell this dream of “Fix Your Slice in X Minutes” or a variety of quick-fix schemes that may have some merit in the short term, but require a lot more than just a few minutes to fully ingrain into a subconscious habit.

The vast majority of golfers don’t have the slightest clue as to how much work it takes to improve at this game. It takes a lot more than a weekly 1-hour lesson with your local club pro or an hour of online lessons with a little practice here and there.

At a minimum, serious golfers who want to improve their golf swing or their short games need to practice at least one hour per day. And that doesn’t mean an hour of just hitting balls and chips and putts for an hour before calling it a day. I mean focused, intense practice where you have your 1 or maybe 2 keys you are trying to implement in your swing or stroke. This may seem like it’s easy, but I assure you it’s not.

This type of dedication needs to be adhered to for a minimum of 3 months, but six months will give you a better picture of how you’re progressing. If you change instructors, or focus on a different tip your buddy gave you from some magazine or blog post he read, then you have to start this process all over again.

A lack of patience will destroy any chance of playing better golf, and yet most golfers can get distracted in an instant by a number of things, especially if they don’t see an instant improvement. Humans in general are horrible at showing patience in things that have no completion date, or no grades, or some other mark of achievement attached to it.

If you can improve your patience with a single method andpractice hard over a relatively long period of time, then I guarantee you will start seeing an improvement in your shot quality and your scores.