About The Golf Author

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It all started when…

I first had a golf club in my hand, sometime in the Fall of 1997. After about 25-30 horrible shots at a driving range in Tucson, Arizona, I finally caught one flush, and from that moment, I was hooked.

What started as a interest became a full-blown obsession in 1999 after my mother died from her 5-year battle with cancer. Golf was my life, and even though I was a horrible high school student, golf probably saved my life.

During my professional golf career, I was an outside service attendant, a skins game player, a clinic instructor, and even co-directed a summer junior golf league. My playing career was cut short after a severe knee injury in my very first mini-tour event, but my love and passion for the game has continued to this day.

I wrote my first book about golf in the summer of 2016, and have since written two more. My goal is to help golfers who want to play for money or play for a living, as well as provide engaging entertainment with my fiction novels.

Aside from my own books, I write marketing copy for various golf-based clients, and I am also a contributor to ReviewsForGolfers.com, where you can my in-depth insights on Golf Bags, Golf Accessories, and more.